It is with pleasure that we provide a reference for Dave and Ben of D&B Construction. In May of 2015 we moved into a new home that had been built by team D&B.
Important to us was budget, having Dave and Ben on board during the planning of the build was in hind sight a brilliant decision. Before work had even begun D&B had offered many solutions to problems and found various cost saving areas for us to consider.
The initial phase of the build was an extremely complex process of planning and building a cast in situ concrete retaining wall that was to form the internal back wall of our new house. This was a tricky aspect of the build and required a sound understanding of the engineering components whilst managing an out of town construction crew.
The second phase of the build was far more enjoyable and made so by the attitude and skills of Ben, Dave and their team. As the build progressed we made a number changes, many suggested by D&B. The end result was a combination of cost savings and a more practical home to meet our needs.
We couldn't be happier with the overall result and building process. Ben, Dave and their team are practical, knowledgeable, results focused professionals and we appreciated their input and experience. The exceptionally high standards they demanded from both their team and the sub-contractors was most appreciated. It was always a pleasure to meet on site for discussions and planning.
It is without hesitation that we recommend D&B Construction to build your new home and suggest you engage them before your plans are completed to share the benefits we did.
Bruce and Fiona Lysaght
1 Wells Ave, Mount Maunganui

L & M Ventures engaged D&B Construction to assist with the renovation of two houses on the one site during 2015. Although we had plans and drawings for the builders to work to, it was a project that evolved as we worked our way through. This flexible approach enabled us to make decisions based on what was unfolding on site, sometimes day by day as needed.

Dave and Ben are very aware of how materials and labour costs can accumulate if regular checks are not being carried out. We were able to update our costing's on a regular basis and this was most helpful. The company has good relationships with their sub-contractors and they appear to give D&B Construction a priority as they never appeared to hold up our projects.

The end result of the renovations were beyond our expectations and we would have no hesitation in engaging D&B Construction again.

L&M Ventures Ltd

We had gone through the lengthy process of having the Weathertight Services Inspectors crawl all over our house whilst we were struggling with making any headway with the Financial Assistance Package (FAP) and along came Dave and Ben (D&B Construction).
Much against the process of the FAP we had gone out to tender based on a set of plans we had drawn up by Blueprint Design.
At our first meeting Dave and Ben explained to use this product "STO" because we did not want to change the total cladding as was determined in the Weathertight Services Surveyors instead we wanted to keep some of the existing Polystyrene cladding with which we had not experienced any problems.
Eventually we chose D&B Construction to undertake our project based on the knowledge that they brought to it and associated new ideas as well as being considerably more cost effective than other parties.
We are delighted we did make this choice as the whole team of employee's were pleasant to deal with and extremely hard working. This in turn lessened the time to complete our project and the final price reflected this.
Any follow up work has been undertaken by them to the point today there is no outstanding issues given that there was only 2-3 in the first place, all of a minor nature.
I have no problem in commending them to any person/s and am happy fielding questions relevant to the project. We have already asked them to undertake another project on our behalf.
Kevin Westwood
Whitsunday Key, Papamoa
Ben Gorinski has been undertaking works and overseeing a remedial construction contact on an apartment building at Mount Maunganui. I am the Project Manager, Engineer to the contract, and Expert Advisor with the regard to the remedial works. I have investigated and overseen the remedial construction works to leaky buildings for more than ten years. This is the first time I have worked with Ben.
The project involved five residential apartment units in a specific design two storey apartment building. The top storey consisted of lightweight timber framing and structural steel frames over a suspended concrete floor, the lower storey consisted of reinforced concrete masonry, reinforced concrete frames, and lightweight timber partitions. The remedial works begain in April 2012 and will be completed at the end of February 2013.
The current project is nearing completion and it has gone very well. Projects of this nature require a very close working relationship between the builder and Engineer to resolve the problems identified. Ben's building knowledge and communication have assisted in successfully resolving the weather-tight issues on this project, and also incorporated enhancements in the remedial construction details to reduce weather-tight risk.
Parts of this project have been unusual and Ben has been able to adapt to the solutions required.
I would have no hesitation in using Ben for future weather-tight remedial works projects.
Chartered Professional Engineer
Fairclough and King Consultants Ltd